Hello and welcome to my portfolio,

my name is Nicole Link, I also go by the name evionn on the internet.

ID Nicole aka evionn
As long as I can remember I like to doodle, draw and read. After I discovered photography I also spend a lot of time exploring my surroundings and new places taking pictures.
When I was younger I wanted to be an archaeologist, a kindergarten teacher or an artist. People around me told me to choose a path that would be more future-oriented. Back then digital graphic design did not exist or was very far away. So, I decided to study computer science. During an orientation lecture one professor said that programming was some kind of art too. I think that decided it 😉
During university I worked at the International Office, which was really good for my people skills and for language practice.
After graduation I started working at another university in the field of student and examination IT.

Drawing, painting and taking photos are my way to unwind and like Picasso once said “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”.

Should you like an individual drawing of someone or something just contact me. The same goes for photos, should you like one for personal or commercial use please contact me.


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