photo equipment

Here is my humble photo equipment:

Hier ist meine bescheide Fotoausrüstung:


I have a Canon EOS 600D not because I am convinced that Canon cameras make the best photos, but because I had a PowerShot beforehand and liked the handling and well the camera with objevtive were on sale when I was looking for one 😉

I sometimes are asked if I have tips for buying camera stuff. Well, I have to admit I am not good with camera data or stats.

All I can offer is: decide what you need or what you want to do. If you just want to take pictures of friends, family or get-togethers a simple digital camea is enough, they make good photos, can adapt quickly to different situations (indoor + movement) and have some zoom. If you want to spend time taking a photo and want to photograph selected motives you can of course do that with a digital camera too but you could also get a digital SLR camera. With the latter you can do a lot of postprocessing especially if you photograph in RAW format. The quality of the photos is also (depending on the digital camera) in my opinion great.

Ich habe eine Canon 600D, nicht weil ich überzeugt bin, dass Canon Kameras die besten Fotos machen, sondern weil ich davor eine PowerShot hatte und das Handling michte und na ja die Kamera zusammen mit Objektiv war zu der Zeit im Angebot 😉
Manchmal werde ich gefragt ob ich Tips geben kann zum Kauf von Kamera und Zubehör. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich nicht besonders gut bin mit Kameradaten und Statistiken.


So, here is what I use for photographing.

I have a camera rucksack (a Kinray 53 by Vanguard) for longer walks and a camera bag (by Cullmann) for small tours.

I have a normal tripod (as seen in the photo above), but I would advise a tripod with a ball head for more flexibility and easier usage.

Canon objectives

Mostly I go out with the standard objective 18-55mm. When I know I need to zoom in I take the 90-300mm. The 50mm is more for specific photos when I need more depth or a nice bokeh. I haven’t used the 28-90mm yet, it came together with the 90-300mm.

You can also have a nice photo with a bokeh in the background using the 90-300mm objective, like here:


I also have some lenses/filters, here are a few. From left to right: CPOL filter (JYC), circular polarizer CPL (SteinZeiser), star filter, close-up lens filter (+10 Dioptrien).

I have to admit I use the two from the left rarely. The first I sometimes use when I need to darken the motive so that I can have a longer exposure. The same goes for the second, but it is also helpful for the digital wide converter Macro (Crystal Optic Zeis) .

If you want lights, for example street lights or candle light to appear like stars you can use the star filter.

The close-up filter is very useful for well like the name says close-ups. If one likes to experiment with macro photography the close-up lenses are good way to start and get a feeling for if. A friend advised me to try them, because I am really bad with buying stuff ad hoc, I am still considering to buy a macro objective because I like the tiny world one can see through them. Some of the flowers here: are shot with the +10 close-up lens.

I have UV filters on all my objectives, not for any artistic reason, but for protecting the objective.



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