Manga/Animé Drawings from 1998

When I was in school I loved watching Animé and reading Manga and magazines about those two. So, I ended up drawing some pictures I have seen somewhere in a magazine and liked or from some of my favourite Animés like “The Rose of Versailles” and “Sailor Moon”.

Here are some of my old drawings from 1998.

Year: 1998
Format: A4, A3
Material: fineliner, felt-tip-pen, wax crayons, water colour pencils

bright smile The Hakkenden

Sakura Wars Zetsuai Tokyo Babylon

JeanneKamikaze Kaito Jeanne

Sturm der 6 Sterne Sturm der 6 Sterne Sturm der 6 Sterne

1998_SailorMoon__by_evionn 1998_Serenity__by_evionn

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