Letter Racing Car

so something very different this time… 1st time I did something like that

some of my friends were talking so much about F1 and everything around the cars and business that i had to do something of sorts…

I had the idea to make a car with just words… yeah well, that was much more difficult than I anticipated.. thought I’d need only a couple of hours for it.. ha needed two hole Saturdays to finish this 😮 …

I’m sure there is a more efficient way to make pictures like this and surely I could have done it in a better quality and yeah I know it’s not really the RBR colouring, but I just tried to get the shape right and didn’t wanted to have the sponsors on it.. (the bull is an exception, only a blue car didn’t really seem right to me) but I tried to get the important words where they belong, well some of them at least…

+ texture: http://www.freeimages.com/(formerly known as www.sxc.hu) and my own resource
+ time: too much
+ programme: photoshop
+ font: ZeroHour
+ full view: download please if you want to find my mistakes

LetterRacingCar Typography  Text-based Imagery

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