Over Easter friends and I decided to go to Saxony for climbing and photographing, our first stop was the Pfaffenstein. The table hill is around 400 metres high and offers an interesting and rather easy climb. It was a good start for our holiday.

We arrived around noon and after some lunch went up the mountain. It was good that we packed our rain clothes, because it was very drizzly and foggy, still we got some good photos and a first good overview of the terrain. Two of my friends have been to that area so often they took the lead and explained a lot. Sometimes we went a bit off-road and they too saw new things, like the ruin of a tower or something.

We stayed in a small village near the town Königstein with view of the fortress (Festung Königstein). It was Good Friday when we arrived and Easter Monday when we went home.

It’s definitely worth a visit in summer or autumn when all is green and blooming, but we also had good weather and some nice views without trees blocking our sight 🙂 everything has its advantages.


Pfaffenstein by Sunrise

Climb and worthwhile view from the Pfaffenstein

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